Public Education and Outreach

Parshati has been involved in outreach efforts, whether it is in her home country of India or her current home, Canada. While at University of Toronto, she was involved with Astronomy & Space Exploration Society in many ways including an Outreach Director position.

Since her move to Western, Parshati in several outreach programs, projects and events. She has been involved with Western Worlds podcast, produced by Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX), since its inception in 2012. She has held various positions in the team, including co-host, editor, producer and associate producer.

Between 2012 and 2016, Parshati has held various outreach positions - volunteer, instructor and coordinator at CPSX. As part of her position, she not only managed the outreach program but also visited libraries, groups and classrooms in Southerwestern Ontario to present talks and workshops.  

In addition to being outreach TA for CPSX, during graduate school, Parshati was also involved in running Exploring the Stars Astronomy Outreach Program, both as an administrator and instructor. This program allows groups to book a night at the Cronyn Observatory where they get a chance to look at celestial objects through the telescope, a presentation of their choice and an interactive activity.

From 2013-2016, Parshati was involved in organizing and running the Astronomy Triathlon for London Science Olympics. Parshati have also volunteered at many department events such as working as a telescope operator or presenter at the Public Nights held at Cronyn Observatory.

In 2017 and 2018, Parshati was part of the Science Rendezvous at Western team. Parshati lead the Program and Marketing Lead during the inaugural event in 2017 while Social Media Lead in 2018. 

Parshati has served as panelist on a panel discussion on "Unexplored Space and What Awaits" at Physics Undergraduate Conference (2015) organized at Western University as well as 'Education and Outreach' and 'Women of Color' panel at the Women in Planetary Science and Exploration (2018)

Parshati's passion for outreach grew stronger with the experience that she gained during my graduate studies at Western and it lead her to her current position as an Education and Public Outreach Coordinator for CPSX. She manages various aspects of the centre, including the social media, website, student program, podcast, public events and Space Explorers Program - camp and academy. 

During trips to India, Parshati likes to interact with the local students who are interested in space science and technology. In 2014, Parshati was invited to give a talk about her journey in Astronomy at Vedhshala (Local Space Science Center). She gave a talk about her research work at the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad during her 2016-2017 visit to India. During her visit in January 2019, Parshati was invited to present and host hands-on workshop at various colleges in Gujarat, India as well as co-organized an event for the members of public in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

If you would like to invite Parshati to give a talk, feel free to contact her (details in 'Contact Me' section). If her schedule allows, she would be more than happy to give a talk.